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Our Human Resources Policy

The source of our success is based on not only our wide spectrum of high-quality products but also our well-trained and customer-oriented labour fulfilling all expectations. 

Acarlar Makine took the road with an approach aiming service for human, acting from the principle of regarding human as the biggest “asset” and the principle of perpetual development. 

If you have the same approach, Acarlar Makine offers, thanks to its long-established management culture, much more than a traditional construction machinery company can offer. 

You can take your place with your work discipline in the “Win-Win” practice and quickly advance in your career at our company which adopts the principle of carrying its past achievements towards the future under the principle of perpetual development.  
Our essential values
It is in our employees’ hands to protect our values. We have the following shared values within the foundation of corporate culture adopted by our employees:  
Business ethics  
Determination and Perseverance  
Team Work

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