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Service & Repaire

We provide the best technical and spare part service by offering our customer oriented approach in after-sales services, which are indispensable for the industry. We also offer vehicle service at your workplace with our well-equipped technical personnel and specially designed vehicles.

We enable longer physical life and optimum efficiency for machinery with our totally unique service compared to our competitors.

Factory-Trained Technical Personnel

  • The best-trained technical personnel of the sector  
  • Minimum 60-hour specialization training per year

​Mobile Technical Service Vehicles and Equipment​​

  • Mobile technical service vehicle containing compressors, generators, welding, spare parts and other necessary materials  
  • Technical service for 7 days a week  
  • Periodical maintenance service at the customer's own workplace  
  • Wide spare part stock  
  • Supply of many spare parts (90%) within 24 hours  
  • Delivery of spare parts to the address within the same day or the next day

​Training ;

  • Operator training – training on efficient use  
  • Maintenance- Repair training  
  • Occupational safety training

​Extra Accessory Applications ;

  • Electricity (24V or 220V) on the platform, compressed air  
  • Flasher  
  • Motion alarm  
  • Traceless tyres  
  • Exhaust silencer  
  • Sensor system automatically stopping the machine at the desired proximity  
  • Other accessories
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